My Services

My priority has always been to support and guide the customer. What I don't do: "emergency" toolpaths with the sole purpose of filling a temporary need and only theoretical training, based on the "button-pushing" formula.

My main activities can currently be summarised, in order of importance, as:

Training and operational coaching on Autodesk Powermill and Featureca

Training and operational support on the Autodesk Featurecam and Powermill CAM platforms. Advanced training especially suited to the world of 5 continuous axes. Creating macros, templates and other work routines in Powermill. Researching solutions to improve the chip removal process using the CAM tool. Operational support for introducing particular milling strategies into companies (high feed, cycloidal, etc). Study and customisation to calculate toolpaths easily and, more generally, for streamlining the process between the CAD design office and the machine tool. "Group" training courses (several companies at the same time) for FeatureCam and Powermill, sometimes on the days preceding bank holidays.

Cam Service

"Cam Service" for creating toolpaths on complex parts, especially in 5 continuous axes; this service is only provided for a few customers and where there is a dual purpose: to produce "Cam" programming but, at the same time, to improve a process or introduce a technique that has not previously been used or has only been partially used (5 continuous axes, high speed, high yield, etc.)

Company milling training with the aid of CAM software

Training new "junior" CAM operators and honing the skills of "senior" CAM operators, with the Autodesk FeatureCam and Powermill CAM platforms. Introducing CAM software into companies where, up to now, on-board programming has always been used. Introducing new CAM software (from the Autodesk suite) into companies where, up to now, other types of software have been used.

Start-up of machine tools

Start-up, programming and use of machine tools. After starting up a new machine tool, you can find yourself facing an unexpected scenario: not knowing how long it will take to get it up to speed and/or not knowing exactly how to equip it. It can also happen, for various reasons, that a cutting machine tool is introduced into a company for the first time (e.g. in departments where this type of work was not previously carried out).

Tooling and fixture consultancy

To complement the above activities: tooling and fixture consultancy, especially – but not solely – related to the world of moulds. The fixtures are increasingly becoming a "tare" to try to reduce, including for reasons of human error: identifying the best fixture for the type of work to be carried out takes time and in-depth assessments. Furthermore, upon request, I take care of selecting cutting tools or proposing a suitable partner.

Software park

  • Autodesk Powermill Ultimate

  • Autodesk Featurecam Ultimate

  • Autodesk Powershape Ultimate

  • Autodesk Fusion 360

  • Simplify 3D

  • Roboris Eureka

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